2003 - 2004


Full Council

Takes some of the most important decisions on the Council's major policies, such as the budget and Council Tax levels.

Appeals & Licensing Committee

Exercises the Council's appeals & licensing functions for Council Tax, housing benefits, staff employment, taxi voucher scheme, hackney carriage, tree preservation orders, public entertainment, trading controls and taxi licensing.

Community Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Considers, in accordance with the Overview & Scrutiny Procedures rules, all Council services relating to recreation, leisure, culture, tourism, public health, housing, community safety and emergency planning.

Animal Welfare Charter Sub-Committee

Oversees the drafting of the Council's Animal Welfare Charter.

Housing Best Value Sub-Committee

Considers the homelessness, housing strategy and housing management action plans and examines the proposed housing developments referred from the Community Services Committee on 2 September 2003 and conducts consultations with residents in the locality of each proposed development.

Playspace Sub-Committee

Recommends a policy, in partnership with Parish/Town Councils, in respect of public playspaces.

Community Services Committee

Exercises the Council's functions in relation to recreation, culture, housing, leisure, public protection, emergency planning, tourism and community safety.

Emergency Planning Sub-Committee

Convenes at the request of the Chief Executive or Leader of the Council at short notice when a major incident or catastrophe has been declared, with delegated authority to deal with matters requiring the urgent commitment of significant human, financial and/or other resources and any related issues due to the profound nature of the incident.

Windmill Sub-Committee

Considers options for the Council with respect to the Rayleigh Windmill and recommends a plan of action for securing the future of the Windmill and the adjoining area.

Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Considers, in accordance with the Overview & Scrutiny Procedures rules, all Council services relating to highways transportation, planning policy, building control, recycling, waste collection and disposal, the Environment, regeneration economic development and health & safety.

Hullbridge Sub-Committee

Oversees the final stages of the Hullbridge Village Enhancement Scheme.

Rayleigh Traffic Study Sub-Committee

Considers options for improvement in traffic flow within Rayleigh Town Centre and reports to the Environment Overview & Scrutiny Committee in December 2003.

Recycling Sub-Committee

Examines the kerbside recycling expansion proposals in detail following the approval of extra funding from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) via an Essex County Council partnership bid and makes appropriate recommendations to the parent Committee by April 2004.

Taxi Licensing Sub-Committee

Considers and reports on tariff charges and licensing fees and charges associated with the taxi trade.

Environmental Services Committee

Exercises the Council's functions in relation to highways and transport, building control, waste collection and disposal, planning policy, economic development, Environment, regeneration, health & safety and recycling.

Heritage, Design & Conservation Awards Sub-Committee

Determines the recipients of the Heritage, Design and Conservation Awards 2003 with a view to presentations being made to Full Council.

Finance & Procedures Overview & ScrutinyCommittee

Considers, in accordance with the Overview & Scrutiny Procedures rules, the Council's budget, management of budget, capital & revenue borrowing, assets and audit arrangements, policies and strategies of the Council and other bodies that affect the economic, social and political resources available, including best value, community plan, corporate plan, local democracy and achievement of objective, transparent and accountable decision-making by the Council.

Holocaust Memorial Sub-Committee

Considers the commissioning of an art project to commemorate the Holocaust and other conflicts and reports to the Finance & Procedures Overview & Scrutiny Committee with the recommendation.

Parish Liaison Sub-Committee

Considers areas identified by Parishes to be of particular concern, in order to enable clarity of service delivery and recommends to the parent Committee accordingly.

Planning Services Committee

Exercises the Council's functions in relation to town & country planning regulation, dangerous, neglected or derelict premises and building control.

Policy & Finance Committee

Exercises the Council's functions in relation to all matters not otherwise reserved to Full Council or the responsibility of another Committee with particular reference to finance, Council Budget and Support Services, including the formulation and implementation of the policy framework and management of the budget in respect of these functions.

Standards Committee

Promotes and maintains high standards of conduct with the Council and exercises the Council's functions in relation to Standards of Conduct of Members, Codes of Conduct for Officers and Members.