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 TitleSignaturesClosing DateStatus
ViewPlease register your vote of “NO CONFIDENCE” in Rochford District Council184231 Dec 2019Closed
ViewResidents would like Rochford District Council to ask Essex County Council to come to an agreement to have our street lights turned back on at night time25531 Dec 2019Response Pending
ViewThe over development of the Rochford district without sufficient investment made to improve current infrastructure so that it can cope with demand.150412 Dec 2019Closed
ViewNo Transformational Programme for regeneration of Rochford District Council, which will cost taxpayers £3.4 million, without a Public Consultation first25615 Jun 2019Closed
ViewAgainst the closure of Hockley Public Toilets273710 Nov 2017Closed
ViewAgainst the transfer of maintenance of Crown Hill Public Toilets to Rayleigh Town Council and the closure of the existing building97710 Nov 2017Closed
ViewAgainst the change in use of Frances Cottee Lodge/Clarence Road Flats164617 Feb 2017Closed
ViewSave Rochford District's Badgers from Culling7821 May 2014Closed
ViewSpeeding motorists101 Oct 2011Closed

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