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Against the transfer of maintenance of Crown Hill Public Toilets to Rayleigh Town Council and the closure of the existing building
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Refurbish the existing building and continue to maintain it under the Rochford District Council's existing cleaning contract. We want to retain use of this building as a free to use public toilet.

Rochford District Council wants to transfer the maintenance to Rayleigh Town Council and build a new block of toilets on the land adjacent to the existing toilets on Crown Hill, Rayleigh. The existing building will be ‘gutted’ and used for currently undefined purposes. In our view, residents do not wish to see the closure of the existing toilets and would like the current toilets refurbished instead. In our view, residents demand this is addressed in Council where fully costed proposals be presented for the Crown Hill toilets to be refurbished and maintained by the district council for an indefinite period, without the decision being forced upon local residents and visitors


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Friday, 25 August 2017
Friday, 10 November 2017
Richard Lambourne
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The petition is scheduled to be considered at the meeting of Full Council on 12 December.
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