Cllr AL Williams, Non-Aligned Group

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Cllr AL Williams, Non-Aligned Group
04 May 2023
First Elected
05 May 2016
Non-Aligned Group
Roche South
Mobile Telephone No:
07913 632 970

2023-2024: Executive Lead Member for Customer Services.

2022-2023: Portfolio Holder for Communities & Health.

2021-2022: Portfolio Holder for Community.

2018-2021: Portfolio Holder for the Environment.

2018-2021: Vice-Chairman, Investment Board.

2017/18 Chairman, Audit Committee.

2017/18 Vice-Chairman, Investment Board.

Chairman, Rochford Parish Council.

Job Title:

Election History

Thu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019  
Thu 2 May 2019 Wed 3 May 2023  
Thu 4 May 2023  

Party Representation History

ConservativeThu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019
ConservativeThu 2 May 2019 Thu 11 May 2023
Independent ConservativeFri 12 May 2023 Tue 21 May 2024
Non-Aligned GroupWed 22 May 2024

Ward Representation History

Roche SouthThu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019
Roche SouthThu 2 May 2019 Wed 3 May 2023
Roche SouthThu 4 May 2023

Personal Register of Interests

Date of NoticeReceipt by Monitoring OfficerView
12 May 202312 May 2023

Meeting Declarations

Committee NameMeeting DateNatureView
Development Committee07 June 2016Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee23 February 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee16 March 2017Other
Development Committee25 May 2017Non-Pecuniary
Investment Board11 July 2017Non-Pecuniary
Full Council18 July 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee20 July 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee24 August 2017Other
Development Committee24 August 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee19 October 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee14 December 2017Non-Pecuniary
Development Committee24 May 2018Non-Pecuniary
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