Cllr JRF Mason, Rochford District Residents & Green Group

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Cllr JRF Mason, Rochford District Residents & Green Group
05 May 2016
First Elected::
04 May 2000

Deputy Group Leader, Rochford District Residents and Green Group.

Group Leader, Green and Rochford District Residents Group: 2014 - 2017.

Vice-Chairman, Investment Board: 2015-2017.

John gained an Honours Degree in Plant Biology and Ecology from Queen Mary College (London University) in 1972 where he started an Eco Action Group even before the Friends of the Earth became influential. Thereafter he joined the NatWest Group. He added to his academic qualifications with an HNC in Business Studies (Distinction) and became an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (A.C.I.B.)

He has had a senior management career in the City and Credit Cards over 33 years at the cutting edge of developing customer service and Change Managememt. He has retired from the financial services sector but has also enjoyed a second career at one of our local secondary schools; Greensward Academy.

John has remained in touch with Natural Sciences having been elected a Fellow of the Linnaean Society (F.L.S.).

John and Christine were married in 1975 and moved to the Rochford District where they have lived for 36 years. They have 2 young adult children, Bethany and Elliot.

John's career in local government started in 1980 in Hockley and during his term as a Parish Councillor became Chairman of the Council for a wonderful year. In 1994 the community in Hawkwell pressed John to be the founder of the Hawkwell Residents' Association. In May 2000 he was elected to Rochford District Council to represent the Association in Hawkwell West ward. In 2014 he was re-elected until 2016 and now represents the community through his own registered local political party, Rochford District Residents. His contiguous terms of Office since 2000 leave John with the notability of being historically the independent councillor with the longest continuous period on Rochford District Council.       

John is registered under the Data Protection Act.

Job Title:

Election History

Thu 4 May 2000 Wed 1 May 2002  
Thu 2 May 2002 Fri 31 Dec 2004  
Sat 1 Jan 2005 Wed 3 May 2006  
Thu 4 May 2006 Wed 5 May 2010  
Thu 6 May 2010 Wed 21 May 2014  
Thu 22 May 2014 Wed 4 May 2016  
Thu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019  

Party Representation History

PartyRepresentation FromRepresentation To
Hawkwell ResidentsThu 4 May 2000 Wed 1 May 2002
Hawkwell ResidentsThu 2 May 2002 Fri 31 Dec 2004
Rochford District ResidentsSat 1 Jan 2005 Wed 3 May 2006
Rochford District ResidentsThu 4 May 2006 Wed 5 May 2010
Rochford District ResidentsThu 6 May 2010 Wed 21 May 2014
Rochford District ResidentsThu 22 May 2014 Mon 18 May 2015
Rochford District ResidentsTue 19 May 2015 Wed 4 May 2016
Rochford District ResidentsThu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019

Ward Representation History

WardRepresentation FromRepresentation To
Hawkwell WestThu 4 May 2000 Wed 1 May 2002
Hawkwell WestThu 2 May 2002 Fri 31 Dec 2004
Hawkwell WestSat 1 Jan 2005 Wed 3 May 2006
Hawkwell WestThu 4 May 2006 Wed 5 May 2010
Hawkwell WestThu 6 May 2010 Wed 21 May 2014
Hawkwell WestThu 22 May 2014 Wed 4 May 2016
Hawkwell WestThu 5 May 2016 Wed 1 May 2019

Current Committee Memberships

Not a current member of any Committee.

Past Committee Memberships

CommitteeRoleJoining DateLeaving Date
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Council Member19 May 200905 May 2010
Development Committee Member24 February 201005 May 2010
Development Control Committee Member19 May 200923 February 2010
Central Area Committee Member13 May 200806 May 2009
Council Member13 May 200806 May 2009

Current Outside Body Appointments

Not a current member of any Outside Body.

Past Outside Body Appointments

Personal Register of Interests

Meeting Declarations

Committee NameMeeting DateNature 
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Leisure Sub-Committee08 January 2002Personal View
Finance & General Purposes Committee14 February 2002Personal View
Full Council26 February 2002Personal View
Community Services Committee03 September 2002Personal View
Policy & Finance Committee08 July 2003Personal View
Planning Services Committee25 September 2003Personal View
Parish Liaison Sub-Committee27 September 2005Personal View
Planning Services Committee29 September 2005Personal View
Community Services Committee04 October 2005Personal View
Planning Services Committee20 October 2005Personal View
Community Services Committee02 March 2006Personal View
Planning Services Committee30 March 2006Personal View
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