West Area Committee

To identify the needs of the community through consultation and the involvement of the community and other appropriate bodies, including the Environment, Community Health and Social Care, Crime and Disorder, Street Scene, Recreation, Leisure and Tourism and Lcoal Highways matters that affect it, advising the Executive Board as appropriate on such issues; to seek agreement from the Executive Board for changes to services to meet local needs that are outside the immediate responsibility and/or budget of the Area Committee, including seeking agreement for revenue and capital expenditure to meet any changes; to monitor local service delivery; to make arrangements for the provision of information about local services and other information to people in the area; to act as a community forum where the Area Committee and members of the community cna discuss issues of concern to them; to exercise delegated authority with regard to Council functions in respect of power to create, stop up and divert footpaths and bridleways, designate cycle tracks and any other Council functions as may be delegated to it by Full Council; to exercise delegated authority with regard to Local Choice functions and to exercise any Executive functions as may be delegated to it by the Executive Board.
01 May 2008 - 06 May 2009
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Cllr Mrs J A Mockford Member 13/05/2008 - 06/05/2009
Liberal Democrat
Cllr RA Oatham, Liberal Democrat Group Member 13/05/2008 - 06/05/2009
Cllr J Pullen Chairman 13/05/2008 - 06/05/2009
Cllr SP Smith, Conservative Group Vice-Chairman 12/06/2008 - 06/05/2009
Cllr Mrs M J Webster Member 13/05/2008 - 06/05/2009
Cllr P F A Webster Member 13/05/2008 - 06/05/2009

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